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Aspose.Email for Android via Java APANNESO

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Aspose.Email for Android via Java API empowers the software developers to design Android applications having the ability to manage and manipulate email messages without getting lost in the complexities of Microsoft Outlook file format implementation. The flexible emails processing API helps the developers manipulate Outlook email file formats from within Android applications. Aspose.Email for Android via Java has no dependencies other than Android Runtime therefore it does not need any other APIs or software to work.

Aspose.Email for Android via Java API gives you the tools that you need to create, read and manipulate Outlook MSG, PST, EML and MHT files from within an Android applications. It provides the ability to manipulate message contents, headers, attachments and Mapi properties as per the application requirements.

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Aspose.Email for Android via Java

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 Aspose.Email for Android via Java
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